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The Red House - Mark Haddon I have to confess that I find Mark Haddon's style of writing quite difficult to get into. In fact I did give up on The Curious Incident... because I found it so hard going. However I stuck with The red House and, once I had got used to his style, I found it quite a good book. It is different from most books I normally read (is it classed as literary?) as it doesn't really have a beginning, middle and end as you would expect. There is no huge story arc, in the traditional, dramatic sense. What Mark Haddon does do very well is describe people and families with all their nuances and quirks. The mis-understandings between family members. The same stories remembered differently by different people. The struggles - and joys - of life that are difficult to cope with.
In The Red house, we see a 'normal' family with all it's dysfunctionality, on holiday together trying to reconcile differences and solve problems that no-one can really put a finger on. Each member of the family has their own personal 'crisis' to deal with and this affects how they see the other family members - and perhaps more importantly, how they feel other family members perceive them.
For Mark Haddon fans, another great study of the strange creatures that are humans. For anyone unsure, give it a go, let yourself read through the first few pages. Once you become used to his unique writing style there is a treasure of a story to be found.