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Zombie Boyz - T.J. Klune,  Eric Arvin,  Ethan Stone,  Daniel A. Kaine,  Ethan Day,  Geoffrey Knight I really, really don't know how to rate this book. Firstly, a warning, Ghoul's Gym - so ghoulish it broke my e-reader. Seriously, worked fine before, started reading and it went kaput. THAT is the sign of a good horror!
I found this book amusing and grim and sweet, in places. I'm not really a zombie fan, though I do like to read out of my favourite genres from time to time. If you are into zombies, I'm pretty sure you'll love it. All the stories are quite different - and in a couple we even get an HEA (well as HEA as it can get in a world filled with gruesome killing monsters). From science mutations to government conspiracies to a cure and hiding Alaska - it's all there.
Guess Who's Coming at Dinner - well with a title like that who wouldn't want to carry on reading? It's about Zombies, the mind boggled! I enjoyed it though and definitely laughed out loud at times.
Surviving Sin City, loved this story. And the British guy, Cooper, chuckled at his British-isms - mate. Glad to see there was no stereotyping going on!;) (Though - pissed off is when you're annoyed, pissed is getting drunk.)
Ghoul's Gym - well apart from it's electronic device mutilation abilities all I can say, it's everything you expect from team Klarvin and not at all what you expect. The gym shower - even I crossed my legs and I'm female.

Confused - well go and buy the book and judge for yourself. This is the most impossible review I've ever written. If you like Zombies or have an insane sense of humour read this book. Just be warned, the e-reader, like the characters, may or may not make it to the end...