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The New Boy - Maddy Linehan I really, really loved this story. I loved the first person voice it was written in, Alex is a great character and so funny. I absolutely 100% believed the romance between Alex and Dexter. Andie is one of the funniest and best written characters I have come across in a long time.

The dynamics of the friendship between the main characters was great, I thought the diary and IM format that was used to write this worked well. I loved how Alex's family were so laid back - what a nice change from over anxious parents!

This book was such a light, funny read I'd totally recommend it to anyone (and thanks Lolita for the recommendation).

This would totally have had a 5 star rating from me, if it wasn't for the annoying mix of English and American. The book was set in England - but too many of the words/facts were American. If it had been set in America this wouldn't have bothered me at all, but as it wasn't, it really did niggle after a while. Mom - mum, you can't drive here until you're 17 and Alex was only 16, mid term - half term, candied apples - toffee apples. Every one irked me and took me out of the story to have a little rant to myself, which was a shame because other than this I totally loved the story!