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The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke Been reading a lot of M/M shorts just recently (yep, I fall into the stereotypical bracket of the readership of these, 30 something, straight, woman)and this is one I really enjoyed. I always love a good romance, and this book, while explicit at times, is really a romance - it would have worked equally well with a lot of the graphic stuff taken out. (Not that I'm saying it should be).

It could have done with a little more polishing at times, but generally I really loved it. Riley and Cameron both were characters I could love and I was really rooting for them. The scene in the cinema is one of the most original and romantic I have read - it made my heart melt!

I will definitely be purchasing the next book as I want to know how they fare in the long run. For you romantics, who don't mind a bit of raunch, I would recommend this book. I kind of wish there was a 31/2 star rating because this is where I want to place it. I did really enjoy it - but it's not quite four stars. Have changed rating several times now - so to clarify, it's more than a three but not quite a four. Only in my opinion, of course!!