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Sidecar - Amy Lane I really enjoyed this book - it was full of romance and that best friends to lovers kind of love that I particularly like.
The character of Josiah (Joe) was lovely, he was a calm and accepting person who was nobody's fool. Initially though I was put off him by the physical description of him - described as having a moustache and soul patch, it kinda just didn't do it for me. I think a vaguer description of the characters would work better, personally I like to form my own image of who I am reading about and just need the most basic of descriptions in the book.
Once I got into the story however, I did totally come to appreciate Joe's character, and in a world where book personalities often seem to become more and more outlandish and distinctive, I really liked the fact that Joe was a quiet hero, it completely added to the story.
Likewise Casey, though hotheaded at times, was a really likeable character. You could feel the pain of his parents' rejection, yet he strived to be better than that. And he succeeded and I am all for a happy ending!
The background of the story is set against Casey growing up in the eighties and nineties - exactly when I did my growing up! This added a sentimental element to it for me, nostalgia at shared similarities in childhoods. The music, the fashion, all in the background yet I could picture it so clearly.
Other than being too descriptive of her character's physical appearance, the only other thing I wasn't sure of from this author was the prologue. It gave us a glimpse to a time near then end of the book. I can see why Amy Lane used this technique, personally I don't think she needed to. I would have loved the story from Ch 1, and getting to know the characters as they got to know each other would have worked fine (IMO). All the prologue did was tell me something, that had I not known, would have added a little mystery to the story. Will they? Won't they? Do they? Don't they? etc. (Sorry trying to avoid spoilers!)
All in all they are just minor niggles, that are only my opinion. This author is new to me and I have already downloaded two more of her stories. For those who like a good old romance I would highly recommend checking this author out!