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Life Lessons - Kaje Harper I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I haven't read a crime novel in quite a while and this was brilliant. The crime and procedure scenes felt real to me (not that I'd know, I'm not involved in the police in any way), but sometimes it feels like authors manipulate situations to work for the storyline, this really wasn't the case here. Yeah I'd guessed who'd done it before the end, however it didn't spoil the story, in a way it added to the intensity as Tony hadn't realised and I knew he was putting himself in danger.
I adored the characters of Tony and Mac - their slow romance was believable and I was worried that it wouldn't be, seeing as Mac is the cop investigating a crime Tony may be involved in. And it was romance, not just sex, though of course there was sex. I also liked the fact that Tony was quickly cleared as a suspect, to me it would have just been boring to have all that doubt hanging there. I loved the tenderness of Mac looking after Tony and Tony's defiance at refusing to just be laid up in bed, that he needed to get back to work, to prove the buggers couldn't get him down.
The best thing about this book - there are sequels! I love discovering a book that already has the sequels written and not having to wait ages for them. I can't wait to read more about Mac and Tony.