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Home Work (Life Lessons, #3) - Kaje Harper This is a series I've really enjoyed - and the new one is coming out soon, thank goodness, I need my Mac & Tony fix!
Kaje Harper manages to get a great balance between Mac and Tony's relationship - the romance and highs and lows of family life - and the crime side of the novel with Mac's job as a police detective. In fact I haven't read an author who manages this better.
This book moves the story of their relationship forward, yet it never becomes dull, I truly love this couple (& I fancy the pants off Mac, it's always good when I have a crush on one of the characters, it shows how real they are - or it could just be that I'm weird, either way...). The issues and problems Kaje Harper gives them are so true to life, but never boring. The children aren't perfect - neither are they written as cartoon-esque brats, they are real. The needs, wants, hopes and actions of Mac and Tony are also totally believable, nothing in this book seems to be written just to enhance the plot. Yet obviously every decision is to do just this as the plot is smooth. This is a real skill.
Reading in a new genre is opening up lots of fantastic authors - it's a shame that I can't walk into my local bookshop and pick the books up off the shelf - Kaje Harper is most definitely on my top authors list now.