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BTW I Love You - Nico Jaye Wow, did I love this book, in fact I can't think of one thing I didn't like about it. But then I'm the first to admit I love me sweet romance and boy does this fit the bill.

Playing chatroulette one night Aiden and Jake met. Or should I say Batman and Wolverine met. Though they both actually go to college in the same town, Jake is currently studying in Australia. They become friends and keep in touch via the internet. Slowly Aiden realises that the chat sessions with Jake are the highlight of his week, but does Jake feel the same way and if he does where do they go from there?

Aiden and Jake were fantastic characters. I loved how you felt everything Aiden did, the uncertainty he had when posting comments, the doubts that niggled his mind. He knew things were getting more serious between the two of them - yet the logical part of him thought it wasn't possible to have such strong feelings for someone you've never met. I loved how both of them were so honest with each other - no mind games and unnecessary angst. Nico Jaye is also really funny and injects that sense of humour into the storyline.

The slow romance was amazing, it was one of those books that had your stomach clenching in anticipation. Nico Jaye wrote it so beautifully I could easily read it again (and no doubt will).

This book is a FREE short by Nico Jaye so there is no reason to stop anyone from reading it. If you like romance you'll love this - check it out.