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Merge - Chris Owen Okay, I'm rating these two together as they seemed like 1 book to me, not 2 separate stories. I loved the relationship between Finn and Ari - this was best in book two as they were in the same dimension. I mean I think they were hot together, I really liked them. I liked the secondary characters. I liked the sci fi premise - but I don't feel this was delivered on as much as it could have been.

Now I'm not a big sci fi reader but there was so much potential for this element of this book that I was slightly disappointed with it. I loved the romance but it did feel like the the whole two dimensions thing was just a way to try and make getting these two together a bit different. It was a good book - expand the promised storyline it could have been a great book.

I'm still going to read other stuff by Chris Owen because I really loved the relationship in the book - and after all it is a romance!